Welcome to the website of Auto Theussing

Auto Theussing is from his 16th birthday working with Japanese sports cars, and therefore has many years experience and is also since his 11th birthday actively involved in motorsport.

Auto Theussing specializes in importing Japanese exclusive sports cars, and always has a stock of 25 to 50 cars.There also several cars on there way from Japan. 

Auto Theussing started importing Japanese sport cars years ago from England. However, the quality of the cars  not always want to be good because of bad weather in England (salt, rain and snow). Also clocked mileage in miles.

Since 2 years Auto Theussing importing cars only directly from Japan to deliver a better quality.

In Japan, every car to sale has become a grade assigned. Theussing only imports from grade 3.5 or higher from Japan.

The grades in Japan are as follows:

  • Grade 1 to 3 car with several technical and optical defects
  • Grade R has ever attended an injury in the past
  • Grade 3.5 Car with small optical defects
  • Grade 4 Car in perfect condition
  • Grade 4.5 to 5 car in new condition (only new cars often)

The mileage in Japan are all in kilometers and recorded in the car papers and appraisal documents. Thus, the mileage is always detectable.

Auto Theussing  always try to give a good quality at a competitive price. Valuation report and original Japanese Export Certificate will always give to the customer so you can be sure that everything is demonstrable.

"When you are satisfied tell others, if you are not satisfied tell us ..."