Car order

Would you like to order a car from Japan, this is possible by Auto Theussing.

Auto Theussing always try to give you a good quality at a competitive price.

Below is the explanation of any ordering process:

  • You let us know which car you're looking for, what preferences you have and which options to govern them and what price range you want to buy the car.
  • Auto Theussing indicate whether such a car with the options that you want is possible.
  • We will send you photos and valuation of any eligible vehicles.
  • If a vehicle is eligible we let this check by our contacts in Japan. If you're comfortable we can offer a place for you maximum purchase amount. For this we require only a deposit of 750 Euros.
  • If we are the highest bidder, then the car will be shipped within 2 weeks.
  • For shipment, we need a deposit of 50% of the purchase price inside, should it relate to a model car that we rarely have in stock this deposit is 100%.
  • After about 6-9 weeks the car is in the Rotterdam Car Terminal.
  • We arrange import taxes (consent to road transport) and customs costs
  • Then we will get the car off the port
  • The car is then reviewed by us and getectyleerd and can be collected.
  • On request we arrange Dutch or German plates.

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